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4-webinar series – 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Insulin – A Journey from 1921 to Today!

16 April 2021

General Public News 

  • These webinars are made possible by the support of the Gairdner Foundation;
  • Series of 4 webinars that will transport you into the world of the historical discovery of insulin through to its therapeutic application;
  • 30 minutes of presentation (interview format with our experts), followed by a panel discussion with the public;
  • Click HERE to see all the posters (Abstracts and speakers);
  • General public event – Free registration! – CLICK ON THE WEBINAR LINK TO SUBSCRIBE… there are 4, so 4 registrations! :


Host : Dr André Carpentier (CRCHUS). Speakers : Dr Marc Prentki (CRCHUM), Dr Vincent Poitout (CRCHUM) and Dre Anne-Marie Carreau (CRCHU de Québec);


Host : Dre Sylvie Lesage (CRHMR). Speakers : Dr. James Shapiro (UAlberta), Dr. Constantin Polychronakos (McGill), Dr. Jayne Danska (UToronto) and Dr. Erin Hillhouse (CRCHUM);


Host : Dre Catherine Mounier (UQAM). Speakers : Dr Jean-Pierre Després (VITAM, CIUSSSCN), Dr Karine Clément (ICAN, Paris) and Dr André Tchernof (CRIUCPQ);


Host : Dr André Marette (CRIUCPQ). Speakers : Dr Mathieu Laplante (CRIUCPQ), Dr Alexandre Caron (CRIUCPQ), Dr Mathieu Ferron (IRCM) and Dr Fernando Anhe (UMcMaster).