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Jean-Davignon Young Investigator Award of the CMDO Network/Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk donated $ 10,000 to increase the research grant for the 2021 award to $ 30,000.

THANKS to Novo Nordisk!

Created in April 2012 by the Fons de recherche Québec – Santé (FRQS), the Research Network on cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity aims to develop research excellence in these areas, to transmit knowledge and to develop the knowledge to promote the quality of life of Quebecers.

The network launches the Jean-Davignon Young Investigator Award contest for 2022 which is aimed at young Quebecers researchers has distinguished in their early career.

The eligibility criteria and the method of evaluation described in the guide. The researcher winner being in office for 7 years or less and having an excellent quality scientific research program that demonstrates a structuring effect on research in the network will receive a $ 20,000 research grant for one year.

Only one nomination per FRQS research center can be submit.

The director of the research center must support the nomination with a letter of support.

The deadline for submissions is September 10 of each year.

The successful candidate will receive a $ 20,000 grant to help support a project to be initiated if it is not already, in the year following the date of the announcement. The winner will join the network, even before applying in order to receive the grant. The award recipient will be required to present the results of its work at the annual meeting of members of CMDO (Annual Scientific Meeting of CMDO Network, the Quebec Society for Lipid Nutrition and Metabolism, SQLNM and Colossus) to following the completion of the project. A maximum amount of $ 1,000 is available for expenses for travel / accommodation for the annual meeting at which the winner will present the results of his research.

It is always important to take the rules and criteria before completing the Form (Open PDF file (top of page) to see the details in the questionnaire).

FORM MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE (The web address of the electronic form is provided by the network. It must be request by email to the scientific coordinator or at info@rrcmdo.ca). IT CAN BE RECORDED TO BE COMPLETED LATER.

Any request for additional information may be sent to the Scientific Coordinator of Health Research Network cardiometabolic, Diabetes and Obesity (CMDO) FRQS Lucien Junior Bergeron, Ph.D., Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke , Division of endocrinology, CRCHUS, Tel: 819 346-1110 ext 12703, email: info@rrcmdo.ca.