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Training programs in partnership with Diabetes Action Canada/Obesity Canada

Detailed description of training programs in partnership with DAC/OB

The CMDO network is partnering with:

  • Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) (https://diabetesaction.ca/), the CIHR SPOR network on diabetes and its complications. Dr. Jean-Pierre Després (CRIUCPQ, ULaval) and Dr. Gary Lewis (University of Toronto) are the scientific co-leads of this network, and;
  • Obesity Canada (OB) (https://obesitycanada.ca/). Obesity Canada is the country’s leading registered obesity charitable organization. Dr. Mary Forhan is the Scientific Director of this network.

As part of this partnership, the CMDO will contribute to the training programs of DAC and OB across Canada by offering research training in French to members of these organizations. As a result, the CMDO Winter Camp is now open to Canadian francophone students outside Quebec from these organizations. In addition, our members, researchers, students, patients, health professionals and decision-makers will benefit from training programs, particularly in patient-oriented research. Special emphasis will be placed on gender equity issues and research with isolated and vulnerable populations.

For full details on this training partnership and related programs, please see the PDF file (see above).

For further information, please contact the CMDO Network (concours@rrcmdo.ca).