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Training Workshops to come

  • EDI/CMDO Workshop (in virtual format via the ZOOM platform) to be held on June 18 (12h30PM to 4PM).

Do you want to know more about EDI (Equity/Diversity/Inclusion) in research? Are you wondering about the meaning of EDI in your workplace and in your own research projects? 

This workshop is open to all CMDO students, postdoctoral fellows and residents (seats are limited) and will be in French 

Our speaker, Dr. Ruth Ndjaboue (see bio in the poster), will give a comprehensive overview of EDI concepts, discuss the importance of EDI approach, and will provide concrete examples from attendees’ research.   

All the details are in the poster – Click HERE. 

If you would like to participate in a workshop in English, please let us know and we will organize it. 

Two steps to participate (Deadline June 7): 

1)      Prepare a scientific abstract of at most 2,100 characters including spaces (directly in the registration form)  ;

ü  The abstracts will provide guidance for discussion, will be evaluated to assist you in the practical application of EDI concepts in your own research and you will receive feedback to improve your abstract, EDI edition! 

2)      Please register and submit your abstract online – Click HERE;

ü  Once we have received your registration form, we will send you the ZOOM link. 

We look forward to seeing you there,