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Who are we

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100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin

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The CMDO Research Network aims to develop research in cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity, to translate knowledge and to promote evidence for improving the health and quality of life of Quebecers.

Network Goals

The network will support various research areas, mobilize key stakeholders, promote the emergence of partnerships and maximize benefits.

To do this, the CMDO Network has the following strategic objectives:

  • Promote, establish and strengthen mechanisms through meetings, scientific exchanges, and collaborations between the teams involved in different research areas;
  • Ensure the provision of specialized platforms and joint research services for its members;
  • Increase Québec’s ability to recruit and retain excellent researchers;
  • Promote training;
  • Permit the establishment of international partnerships;
  • Promote knowledge transfer.

Organizational chart (Click for larger image – the official graph color are not support in this web page – please contact info@rrcmdo.ca for the official version)







Executive Committee

  • André Tchernof, Network Director
  • André Carpentier, Associate Director of the Network
  • Tracie Barnett, Associate Director of the Network
  • Vincent Poitout, Associate Director of the Network<


Membership of the network (March 11, 2020)




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