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Mobilizing expertise, consolidating knowledge and acting to promote healthy habits in the health system in Quebec

Final Report of the Workshop (13-14 September 2017, Bromont)

Presentation by Gregory Ninot - CEPS, University Montpellier, France

Presentation by Lise Gauvin - CRCHUM and Université de Montréal

Presentation of Rana Farah - MSSS

Presentation by Martine Pageau - MSSS

Presentation by Yann Le Bodo - PEPO, Université Laval

Presentation by Tracie Barnett - INRS, Armand Frappier

Presentation by Arian Bélanger-Gravel - Université Laval

Presentation of José Côté - CRCHUM

Presentation by Marie-Pascale Pomey - Université de Montréal

Presentation by Marie-France Langlois - CRCHUS et Université de Sherbrooke

Presentation by Michèle De Guise - INESSS

On September 13 and 14, 2016, the FRQS CMDO Research Network held an interactive workshop at Château Bromont with financial support from CMDO and CIHR. Through an integrated knowledge translation approach, a group of 36 health system researchers and decision-makers from province of Quebec participated in an interactive workshop to mobilize expertise, consolidate knowledge and act to promote healthy lifestyles in the Quebec health system. Twelve speakers focused on four main themes: (1) The unavoidable and pitfalls in promoting healthy lifestyles as well as the nature of the challenge of promoting healthy lifestyles; (2) Capturing perspectives from the research and intervention communities; (3) Sharing knowledge about the processes underlying lifestyle changes; and (4) Understand stakeholder engagement. All the participants exchanged after the presentations of the speakers to identify the essential elements, reflections and avenues of action. The organizers of the workshop then made recommendations to the Steering Committee of the FRQS Research Network. The recommendations are presented in the final report, which can be downloaded on this page. Presentation are only available in french.

Audio clips are only available on the French version of this web page – click here