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Support Program for General Public Activities

The Network launches its Support Program for General Public Activities for 2021-2022. This program aims to promote the dissemination of research results from our regular members to the general public, patients and patient-partners, to recognize the importance of involving the public/patient-partners in our research activities and ultimately increasing the visibility and societal impact of CMDO research projects. Therefore, any researcher who is a regular member of the CMDO Network may request financial support through this program for an activity related to one of the CMDO Network’s domains (cardiometabolic health, diabetes and/or obesity) with a primary goal of disseminating information to the general public (e.g. scientific cafés), patients and patient-partners (e.g. patient recognition). The number of grants will be determined according to the budget envelope for each of the two annual competitions. The eligibility criteria and the evaluation method are described below. Events that meet the eligibility criteria could be funded for $ 750 or $ 1,500.

Deadlines for submitting applications are as follows:

  • February 10 of each year, for activities taking place in the months of April to October following the deadline.
  • September 10 of each year, for activities taking place in the months of November to March following the deadline.

Requests submitted late, incomplete or that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated. The activities selected to receive a grant must be initiated in the period appropriate for the date of application to the competition.

For all the details, please consult the guide.

Any request for additional information may be directed to the CardioMetabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Research Network (CMDO), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke , Endocrinology Department, CRCHUS, Tel.: 819-346-1110 ext. 12703, email: info@rrcmdo.ca.