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Program in partnership with Diabetes Bas-St-Laurent – Scholarship

The CMDO Network is partnering with Diabetes Bas-St-Laurent (https://diabetebsl.com/en/) to offer a $5,000 scholarship for diabetes research.

Diabetes Bas St-Laurent is a community organization that was created in 1992 under the name “ENTRAIDE DIABÉTIQUE BAS ST-LAURENT INC”. It is only in 2003 that the name was changed to “DIABÈTE BAS ST-LAURENT INC».

Subsidized by the « Agence de santé et des services sociaux du Bas St-Laurent », Diabète Bas St-Laurent’s mission is to :

  • Educate individuals and families about diabetes;
  • Raise awareness of this disease and its prevention;
  • Referring people with diabetes to health care professionals.

The territory served extends over 5 MRCs: Rimouski-Neigette, La Mitis, La Matapédia, La Matanie and Haute-Gaspésie.

As part of this partnership, Diabetes Bas-St-Laurent is generously offering a $5,000 scholarship to a CMDO student. This scholarship will be matched to a student who is part of a winning team in the CMDO’s Intercentre Structuring Initiatives competition, and whose research is specific to diabetes. There is no competition for this award.

In February, during the announcement of the winning projects of the Intercentre Structuring Initiatives during the Annual Scientific Meeting, the name of the award winner will also be announced.

The recipient of the award will be required to present his or her research project to the Diabetes Bas-St-Laurent community within the following year.

For more information, please contact the CMDO Network (info@rrcmdo.ca).