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Maintaining long-term lifestyle habits improvements: it’s possible!

13 November 2019

Science Pearls 

Talk by Dr Miguel Angel Martínez-González at the ANZOS-ASLM-ICCR 2019 Conference Joint National and International Conference on Obesity and Related Chronic Diseases, Sydney, Australia.

Talk title : « Lifestyle interventions and cardiometabolic health: PREDIMED, PREDIMED-Plus and other ongoing similar trials in clinical nutrition »

Following lifestyle interventions, adherence to treatment in the long-term is often challenging. However, preliminary interim analyses of data coming from 6874 women and men with metabolic syndrome from the PREDIMED-Plus randomised clinical trial shows it’s possible. Indeed, an intervention combining the adoption of an energy-reduced Mediterranean diet, physical activity promotion and behavioural support was associated with a greater diet adherence after 12 months compared with the simple encouragement to adopt an energy-unrestricted Mediterranean diet. This promising work shows that positive changes in lifestyle habits that can potentially improve cardiometabolic health can last.

Read this article to go deeper into the subject: Clic HERE.

Author of the news:  Dominic Chartrand (CRIUCPQ)