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Endurance exercise for muscle mass gains?

29 July 2019

Science Pearls 

Symposium organised by Abigdail Mackey (DAN), with Bethan E. Phillips (UK) and Gianni Parise (CAN) during the European College of Sport Sciences Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic.

Title of the symposium : « Reasons and remedies for the age-related decline in skeletal muscle adaptability »

Aging is associated with a decrease in muscle mass, a processed coined sarcopenia. After the 5th decade of life, it is harder for the body to repair muscle following resistance exercise. An inability to properly activate satellite cells, or muscle stem cells, is suggested to be a potential mechanism to explain the anabolic resistance. Muscle stem cells are distributed at the periphery of muscle cells and are used to repair muscle following damages. To counter this phenomenon, it was suggested to perform endurance exercise prior to a resistance exercise intervention in order to maximize the hypertrophic capacity of muscles. However, it is yet to be investigated if this greater hypertrophic capacity, primed by prior endurance exercise, leads to improvement in metabolic health.

Read this article to go deeper into the subject: Clic HERE.

Author of the news:  Jean-Christophe Lagacé (Centre de recherche sur le vieillissement du CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS)