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Fonds de recherche sur la santé

Intercenter Mentorship for Young Investigators of the CMDO Network

Created in April 2012 by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS), the Research Network on CardioMetabolic health, Diabetes and Obesity aims to develop research excellence in these areas, to transfer knowledge and to foster the use of new knowledge so as to promote quality of life for all Quebecers.

The network launches its Intercenter mentorship for young investigators contest for 2018-2020 open for young Quebec researchers early in their careers. The purpose of this program is to promote the optimal integration of promising young researchers in the Quebec CMDO network and the Canadian research community. This mentorship involves a young researcher (regular member of CMDO), an internal mentor and an external mentor. The internal mentor (regular member of CMDO) is affiliated to the same research center as the young researcher. The external mentor is affiliated to a different research center in Quebec, Canada ( eg, a member of Diabetes Action Canada) or abroad. Three (3) eligible mentoring projects will be funded based on their excellence.

The eligibility criteria and the method of evaluation are described below. The winning researchers must have been in office for 3 years or less and have an excellent scientific research program that demonstrates a structuring effect on research within the network. The winners will receive a financial support of $10,000 over two years to support their intercenter scientific activities.

The deadline for submissions is November 10, 2017, for financing beginning by April 1st 2018 at the latest

Applications submitted late, incomplete or not meeting the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated. The proposed mentorship should be initiated no later than April 1st, 2018.

The young researcher and mentors affiliated to a research center in Quebec must join the network before applying to the grant. Two follow-up reports will be requested from the winner: after one year of mentorship and the end of the funding period. In addition, annual monitoring for 2 more years will be conducted to document the impact of this mentorship.

Eligibility criteria for the applicant:

  • The young researcher, affiliated to a research center in Quebce province, must be a regular member of CMDO Network submitting the application;
  • Internal and external mentors affiliated with Québec research centers must be regular member of the CMDO Network before submitting the final application;
  • A single application per year as a young researcher may be submitted for the Intercenter mentorship competition. There is no limit as a mentor;
  • Holding a regular researcher status since 3 years or less in a research center recognized by the FRSQ.
  • The application must include a Québec research center, represented by the young researcher (the principal researcher of the application) and by at least one established researcher regular member of the network (internal mentor). The application must also include at least one external mentor from another research center in Quebec, Canada (eg, a member of Diabetes Action Canada) or abroad;
  • The applicant’s research program must be linked to the areas of cardiometabolic health, diabetes and / or obesity;
  • The applicant must demonstrate that his/her research program have a structuring effect on research in the network, according to its objectives ( establishment of new multidisciplinary and / or intersectoral collaborations inside networks or internationally, knowledge transfer, research focused on the patient, standardization methods, or setting up a platform or common resources, etc.);
  • The candidate must have the support of 1) a senior mentor (CMDO member) in his research center and 2) a mentor from another research center. These mentors will actively participate in the scientific supervision of the candidate, including the co-supervision of students, scientific collaboration, access to specialized platforms, etc.
  • The researcher must submit a mentorship scheme which was set up in its research center, including at least one mentor member of CMDO. The activities described in paragraph 8 should be included in the scientific mentorship plan of the young researcher. A detailed description of the plan shall be submitted for evaluation.
  • Submit FRQS CV (with detailed contributions section) for candidate and mentors to evaluate scientific excellence. If mentors are outside Quebec, any CV containing information similar to FRQS CV will be accepted.
  • Expenditure budget for the $ 10,000 on 2 years – see below for eligible expenses.
  • The winner must agree to provide a brief progress report every year for four (4) years in order to demonstrate the leverage effect of the program (e. new collaborations, obtaining external grants and / or scholarships ).

Who can file an application:

The young researcher (main applicant) is responsible for his application.

Materials required when submitting the application:

1) CMDO Network Application Form completed online by the applicant (see below);

2) Starting date of of the candidate’s position as a researcher- include the date of the first position as a researcher in a research center recognized by the FRSQ in the candidate’s Research Program section of the  electronic form;

3) A letter of support from each mentor detailing the support and expertise they will provide to the candidate;

4) FRQS Curriculum vitae (with Detailed Contributions section) for the young researcher candidate and each mentor. For mentors outside Quebec, any CV containing information similar to CV FRQS will be accepted.

The application form must be completed online. All documents must be transmitted in PDF format to the network coordinator at lucien.junior.bergeron@rrcmdo.ca.

Application evaluation process:

An evaluation committee will be formed to evaluate all the applications submitted. The chair of the committee will be held by a member of the CMDO steering committee which has not sponsored or endorsed candidacy. He will attend the discussions as an observer and coordinator. The winners will be announced in February.

Applications will be evaluated based on compliance with the Contest eligibility criteria and the following criteria:

  • Candidate Potential: Quality of training in research, scientific achievements, history of publication, funding and training of students
  • Research Program: Clarity of the research question and scientific justification. Potential for creating new knowledge. Originality of hypotheses and research questions. Novelty of the approach, new methodologies or new applications of existing methodologies;
  • Presentation of proposed mentors : Affiliation and expertises;
  • Relevance and quality of the proposed inter center mentorship: Immediate or potential impact of the proposed mentorship on research/team of the young researcher and within the network, depending on the CMDO’s objectives ( establishment of new multidisciplinary and / or intersectoral collaborations inside networks or internationally, knowledge transfer, research focused on the patient, standardization methods, or setting up a platform or common resources, etc.);
  • Realism of the budget proposal: Relevance of the proposed use of funds.

For all the details related to the evaluation, refer to the guide.

It is always important to take the rules and criteria before completing the Form (Open PDF file (top of page) to see the details in the questionnaire).


Any request for additional information may be sent to the Scientific Coordinator of FRQS Research Network on Cardio Metabolic health, Diabetes and Obesity (CMDO): Lucien Junior Bergeron, Ph.D., Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Université de Sherbrooke , Division of endocrinology, CRCHUS, Tel: 819 346-1110 ext 12703, email: Lucien.Junior.Bergeron@rrcmdo.ca.