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“Your diet is your best medicine.” Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: the duality of lipids. (Catherine Mounier research team – UQAM)

13 June 2018

General Public News 

Catherine Mounier’s team at UQAM is interested in the impact of lipids on health. Lipids are the molecules that make up the fat in our diet. They are capable of the best and the worst. In some situations they seem to aggravate obesity, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer and some neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s or leukodystrophy associated with Krabbe disease). In other situations, on the other hand, dietary fat could be valuable allies against some of these diseases. So which ones are the good ones, which ones are the bad ones? Are the “good” always good and the “bad” always bad? How to keep only the “cream” for our greater well-being? These are some questions at the rate of which lives the “Labo Mounier”.

Here are some public links for Dr. Mounier’s research team (web link in French only):




http://www.choq.ca/episodes/loeuf-ou-la-poule/emission-du-19-juin-2017/ (Temps : 16h15-30h02 et 33h48-46h15)