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Better understanding of diabetes to better treat it (André Marette Research Team – CRIUCPQ/INAF/ULaval)

6 July 2018

General Public News 

Research by André Marette (Researcher at the University Institute of Pneumology and Cardiology of Quebec (IUCPQ), Scientific Director at the Institute on Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) and Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University Laval) address the causes of diabetes such as obesity, diet or heredity. In particular, he wants to find the genetic and molecular determinants of insulin resistance, a condition often seen in overweight people with a disorder of sugar and fat metabolism.

In addition, the researcher’s work aims to discover new therapeutic targets in the context of preclinical and clinical studies, notably using biological markers and new diagnostic tools.

André Marette is also interested in the impact of nutrition and other environmental factors on the gut microbiota, a new key “organ” in the regulation of energy metabolism, which plays a decisive role in the development of the metabolic syndrome. Passionate about communication, the biochemist is always ready to talk about the benefits of healthy lifestyle habits.

Discover the research of Dr. Marette’s team by reading these few public links (several french web links):