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Fonds de recherche sur la santé

Become a member

The CMDO Network would be happy to count you among its members.

Our Network aims to develop research in cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity, to translate knowledge and to promote evidence to improve the health and quality of life of Quebecers.

In case you want to join us, here are the documents required to complete the registration for the Network (See below to share your documents):

1.   A letter of intent (PDF) addressed to the Network Director indicating:

  • The reason for the application;
  • Your commitment to participate in the Network activities;
  • This letter is not required at renewal.

2.   Your updated FRQS CV (with detailed Contributions section, PDF format).

3.   Research priorities :
Enter the Themes and Axis of research in order of priority.

4.   The list of your students and team members (please indicate MSc, PhD or PDF (postdoctoral), research assistants and associates, etc.) including their email address. This list automatically adds your students and team members to the Network.