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Combined deletion of free fatty-acid receptors 1 and 4 minimally impacts glucose homeostasis in mice

8 January 2021

Science Pearls 


The free fatty-acid receptors FFAR1 (GPR40) and FFAR4 (GPR120) are implicated in the regulation of insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity, respectively. Although GPR120 and GPR40 share similar ligands, few studies have addressed possible interactions between these two receptors in the control of glucose homeostasis. Here we generated mice deficient in gpr120 (Gpr120KO) or gpr40 (Gpr40KO), alone or in combination (Gpr120/40KO), and metabolically phenotyped male and female mice fed a normal chow or high-fat diet. We assessed insulin secretion in isolated mouse islets exposed to selective GPR120 and GPR40 agonists singly or in combination. Following normal chow feeding, body weight and energy intake were unaffected by deletion of either receptor, although fat mass increased in Gpr120KO females. Fasting blood glucose levels were mildly increased in Gpr120/40KO mice, and in a sex-dependent manner in Gpr120KO and Gpr40KO animals. Oral glucose tolerance was slightly reduced in male Gpr120/40KO mice and in Gpr120KO females, whereas insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity were unaffected. In hyperglycemic clamps, the glucose infusion rate was lower in male Gpr120/40KO mice but insulin and c-peptide levels were unaffected. No changes in glucose tolerance were observed in either single or double KO animals under high-fat feeding. In isolated islets from wild-type mice, the combination of selective GPR120 and GPR40 agonists additively increased insulin secretion. We conclude that while simultaneous activation of GPR120 and GPR40 enhances insulin secretion ex vivo, combined deletion of these two receptors only minimally affects glucose homeostasis in vivo in mice.

Author: Marine L Croze, Arthur Guillaume, Mélanie Ethier, Grace Fergusson, Caroline Tremblay, Scott A Campbell, Hasna Maachi, Julien Ghislain, Vincent Poitout (Université de Montréal et Centre de recherche du CHUM)

Webpage: https://academic.oup.com/endo/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1210/endocr/bqab002/6066530?redirectedFrom=fulltext