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16 December 2019

Science Pearls 

Talk by Dre Audrey Bergouignan at the Journées francophones de nutrition 2019, Rennes, France.

Talk title : «Physical activity and sedentary lifestyle: impact on health, what are we talking about?»

One aspect that I found particularly striking is the distinction between physical inactivity and sedentary. On one hand, physical inactivity is not meeting the guidelines regarding physical activity (exercise, sport). On the other hand, sedentary is the time spent seated or lying down, for example. Therefore, one can be physically active but still sedentary! Recent data also reveal that sedentary has negative health effects, which might be independent of physical activity. One should maximize all movements that are not necessarily physical activity. In sum, let’s seat less and move more.

Author of the news: Didier Brassard (INAF, ULaval)