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The Imaging and Phenotyping Core of the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research

Nom de l’entité

The Imaging and Phenotyping Core of the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research

Type d’entité


Mots clés

Imaging, ultrasound, bioluminescence, fluorescence, cardiovascular, echocardiography, electrocardiography, catheterization, sphygmomanometer, telemetry, blood pressure, vascular remodeling, vascular stiffness, oncology, tumors, metastasis, IVIS Spectrum, VEVO-3100.

Domaines d’expertises

Study of cardiovascular function and oncological imaging in vivo.

Services offerts

A bioluminescence or fluorescence imaging system (IVIS Spectrum)
– A high frequency ultrasound system (VEVO-3100)
– An EMKA physiological parameter acquisition and analysis system including pressure, velocity and surface ECG
– Millar micro catheters
– A caudal plethysmography of Hatteras
– A telemetry system from Data Science International

More specifically, we offer:

Study of the cardiovascular system: echocardiography, surface electrocardiography, blood pressure by sphygmomanometer, Millar catheter or telemetry, measurement of the intima media and vascular stiffness (pulse wave velocity) by ultrasound.

Oncological imaging study in vivo: Measurement of the size in two or three dimensions and angiogenesis of primary tumors or metastases by ultrasound, monitoring of tumors and development of metastases by bioluminescence or fluorescence imaging of cancer cells in vivo.

Véronique Michaud
(514) 340-8222


Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
3999 Ch. Côte Ste-Catherine,
Montréal, Québec,
H3T 1E2