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2022 Scientific Meeting of the Quebec Society for Lipid, Nutrition and Metabolism (SQLNM), the Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity (CMDO) Research Network and the COLosSUS Congress

9 February 2022 to 11 February 2022

Virtual online meeting

Deadline for abstract submission : 1 November 2021

The virtual 2022 Scientific Meeting of the SQLNM, the CMDO Network and the Colossus Congress will be held from 9 to 11 February 2022.

List of winners for congress 2021 (only available in French) – Click HERE

This congress will be an academic training activity with physicians CREDITS FOR CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (February 10-11, 2022).

This symposium will be in conjunction with the SQLNM the CMDO and research platform on Complications of Obesity at Laval University and the University of Sherbrooke (Colossus).

SQLNM the main objective to promote training, education and research in the areas of Lipid, nutrition and metabolism in cardiovascular health.

The CMDO Network is a group of research teams operating in Quebec research on cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity. It is one of the thematic networks of the Québec Research Fund – Health (FRSQ) and view the day in April 2012.

Colossus is a research facility dedicated to the study of obesity, diabetes and cardiopulmonary and cerebral complications related to aging. Particular emphasis is on the use of imaging methods in cardiovascular, metabolic and brain.

In order to have a synergistic strong impact on the future health of the Quebec population for both dyslipidemia cardiometabolic aspects, management of SQLNM, under the chairmanship of Dr Pierre Julien and direction CMDO and Colossus under the direction of Dr. André Carpentier, agreed to jointly hold this symposium.

Welcome everyone!



NAME of the MANAGER: Laurence Boudreault

EMAIL: Laurence.Boudreault@crchudequebec.ulaval.ca

TELEPHONE: (418) 525-4444 ext 46082


CMDO Network and Colossus

NAME of the MANAGER: Lucien Junior Bergeron

EMAIL: info@rrcmdo.ca